From before harvesting the plants to the final tincture products, independent laboratory testing is an important part of the Soul Mountain journey. Here we share some recent test results…

This test is a recent snapshot of the cannabinoid profile in our hemp extract. The results here show the percentages of CBDA, CBD and other cannabinoids before conversion from the acid form to the “active” form.

Our low-temperature decarboxylation process converts 80 to 82% of the CBDA to CBD. This means your healthy dose of CBD also comes with a significant measure of CBDA. Below are tests of cannabinoid levels in our 500mg Original and 1500mg Triple Strength tinctures, after decarb:

Terpenes are responsible for the flavor and fragrance that characterizes a particular hemp variety, and they have therapeutic properties as well.  Here is a profile of our current crop’s terpenes: