Your body is unique, and you will want to experiment to find the best fit. A good starting point with each  Soul Mountain tincture is one squeeze of the dropper bulb, or about 20 drops, in the morning and in the evening. This is about .5 ml, and it fills the dropper tube to about 1½ inches from the tip.

With our Original 500 mg tincture, one squeeze (20 drops, ½ ml) delivers about 8.3 mg CBD, along with about 2.7 mg of other cannabinoids: CBDA, CBG, CBN, THC and many others. The full spectrum of terpenes, flavonoids and other cannabis constituents is present in every drop, bringing you the power unique to Soul Mountain: whole plant goodness and CBD benefit, without the damaging effects of high heat that other CBD products rely on. You get a fuller, richer, more powerful entourage effect.

With the Triple Strength 1500 mg tincture, one squeeze of the dropper bulb, or about 20 drops, delivers about 15 mg of CBD and 4.8 mg of other cannabinoids.

Our spagyric herbal blends deliver about 3.3 mg CBD per .5 ml. Each 50 ml bottle contains 30 ml of 1:6 strength medicinal herbal tincture.

The best way to take Soul Mountain Herbal Tinctures: Our tinctures are formulated for easy, fast sublingual (under the tongue) absorption. With this method the pathway to the bloodstream is more direct, and people tend to notice the effects more quickly. You simply squirt your dose under the tongue, or count the drops. If you swallow the tincture most of the cannabinoids will be protected from digestive acids by encapsulation in the phospholipid walls of liposomes and micelles. Our herbal blends are made with a traditional spagyric alchemical process and are not liposomal, but the cannabis extract added to the herbal blend is liposomal; a squirt under the tongue is an excellent way to take our herbal tinctures.

We suggest you give it a try for ten days to see how you feel, and then adjust up or down from there. Like fat-soluble vitamins, cannabinoids will build up in the body gradually with use. So you may find that you achieve the desired effects with a lower dose after a week or so. Likewise, benefits like reduced inflammation, better sleep and improved mental clarity will not be lost immediately if you stop using the tincture. Keep in mind that with CBD taking more is better only up to a point. After that benefits plateau, and at some point there is less benefit when you increase the dose. You will find that your optimum dosage level, your “sweet spot,” is a range and not a precise amount.

All of the herbs in our products have been used traditionally to promote health. They are organically cultivated or wild crafted.

There are no known adverse health effects with low THC hemp, and our tinctures are not psychoactive- so they can be used in moderation safely. Still, a slow and easy approach to homing in on your sweet spot is best.

What if I take prescription meds? This is an important question for your healthcare provider or pharmacist. Many pharmaceutical drugs rely on a liver enzyme called cytochrome P450 to get metabolized. Cannabinoids also bind to cytochrome P450 receptor sites, and may have potential to reduce a drug’s effectiveness. CBD can either increase or decrease the action of another medicine, so always proceed with caution and with qualified guidance if there is any chance of a downside.

If you are treating a particular health problem please work with a knowledgeable, qualified healthcare provider.