Organic CBD Oil Tincture in Madison, Wisconsin



Like NSAI (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory) drugs, CBDA inhibits the COX-2 enzyme, potentially reducing inflammation. CBDA also has high affinity for the 5-HT receptor, which indicates strong potential to reduce nausea. Although there has been less research on CBDA than on CBD and THC, studies and reports point to great potential for reducing inflammation, limiting the spread of some types of cancer, and helping patients deal with nausea. People report great benefits from drinking freshly juiced cannabis, and we hope you will find similar benefits using Soul Mountain CBDA tincture.

Produced with low temperature, this is a whole-plant tincture with liposomal delivery – just like our CBD tinctures. The difference is that we have not decarboxylated the extract to remove the acid chain, which would convert the CBDA to CBD.

Some decarboxylation occurs naturally, so the precise measure of CBDA vs CBD is a moving target. But as our Independent laboratory testing shows, about 75% of the cannabinoid content here is CBDA.

1 oz / 30 ml (500 mg CBD+CBDA and 68 mg other cannabinoids)



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