Organic CBD Oil Tincture in Madison, Wisconsin

Sunny & Calm


Take a moment to relax, refresh and center with this hemp and alchemical herbal blend.  It’s a flavorful CBD tincture that delivers a blend of herbs carefully selected for their calming and uplifting effects.

  • 250 mg hemp CBD (330 mg total cannabinoids) per fluid ounce

With spagyric alchemical extracts of these herbs:

  • Schizandra, best known for its adaptogenic properties, has traditionally been used in Russian and Asian cultures to help deal with environmental and internal stressors.  Scientific studies have shown schizandra to improve both mental and physical stamina.
  • Cacao is well known for its stimulating and mood-brightening properties, and has even been valued as an aphrodisiac.
  • Blue Lotus, known for its gently elevating effect, is also taken to help expand awareness to benefit meditation and lucid dreaming.  As a medicinal herb, blue lotus is used to help muscle soreness and menstrual cramping.
  • Wood Betony is an herb long revered for its versatility and efficacy.  Now it is gaining recognition for its ability to treat tension, pain and mental difficulties, as well as headaches associated with hormonal changes.
  • Lavender is a plant we know and love for its beauty and its sweet, clean fragrance.  Medicinally, lavender is best known for calming nervousness and brightening one’s mood.  It is also used as an aid to digestion and to relieve nerve pain and migraine headaches.
  • Each 50 ml bottle of Sunny & Calm formulation includes 30 ml of this synergistic blend as a 1:6 strength mother tincture.

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Additional information
Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 20 × 30 × 40 mm

1 oz/30 ml bottle (265 mg cannabinoids), 2 oz/60 ml bottle (530 mg cannabinoids), EXTRA STRENGTH – 2 oz/60 ml bottle (1274 mg cannabinoids)

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